Ervaringen met Captijn Insight

Shanghai, September 9th 2017


Hi Frans,


Huge thanks for helping me along this journey after one year working with each other again.  Your insights are helping me think deeper and further about what actually matters in life.


Just wanted to say I greatly appreciate your mentoring and aim to report back great news and also setback I have along the journey.


With gratitude,

G. I.


USA, September 2nd 2017


Hi Frans,


I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the time spent working together. So much insight and self-awareness that brought a whole new prospective and an amazing break through.


Your words are always comforting and insightful. I feel very fortunate to have met you. I know your words are just a mirror, but they have been very useful in helping us understand ourselves and each other. Thank you so much for the time and effort spent on making our time with you so wonderful.


O. E.


Ireland, August 24th 2017




You entered my life as my teacher, remained on as a guide and when I left the Pavana I call you friend.
Keep listening for the music, I am finding it in the strangest of places.


Y. N.


Beijing, June 29th 2017


Dear Frans,


I left the resort 7 days ago. We miss you ;). You will never know how thankful we are joining your classes and sessions. I still listen to your talks and the mantras and do your exercises and do breathing and standing, walking, sitting as u told me. I can hear the birds. See the tree which I never " saw" before . I try to live here peaceful but it’s sometimes hard in this busy and crowdie city. For sure we will come back. Looking forward already to that moment.


G & U



Western Australia, March 21st 2017


Hallo Frans.


How are you?


Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat! We both felt so good when we left and still think of the time with you.


My partner is doing his meditation every morning and loves it. He is much more relaxed now.

 I love to read 'the lake'. We did this meditation at the lake on the way to the Buddha foot prints. It helps me a lot to calm down.


Thanks for the great time. Say hello to your dog, owl and your daughter.


Cheers M & L xx


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, January 31st 2017



Dear Frans,


Thank you for all your sessions and for sharing so much of yourself during my wonderful 3 days visit.

Thank you for the info on the Singing Bowls. They are intriguing and I hope to explore them more when I have more time during a future visit to you.

All best regards. I wish for you continual growth and success in your endeavors.




E.A. China


Nederland, 25 januari 2017


Dank je voor de bijzondere week die wij hebben gehad en waarin jij een belangrijke rol voor ons had Frans. Tot ooit.




E & N v.d. E



Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 12th 2017


Hi Frans, 


thank you so much. It was so nice seeing you, and working with you, again.

Thanks for a wonderful week with lots of insights. I'm excited to go home and start living the things I've learnt - and to rule my kingdom of talents.

I have lots of energy and am sure I will have a great start of my new job.


Thank you so much for being the fantastic person you are and for sharing your wisdom. You do a huge difference and impact on everybody around you.


Take Care,



Copenhagen, Denmark



Sydney, Australia, December 13th 2016


Hi Frans,

hope you have been well.

I have been wanting to write you for quite some time now. It has almost been a year since I did a retreat / detox at Pavana Chiang Mai Resort.The time spent at The Pavana really had a profound effect on me. My mind has felt much more open and sensitive. Having done the morning meditation with you each morning has been great and I continued to practice it on my own.


I just wanted to write to say thanks for leading the meditation sessions while I was at the retreat, it was a really good routine to up keep. There are lots of new things, I felt have come into my life since leaving the retreat and perhaps I wouldn't have noticed them as clearly if I didn't continue to practice mindfulness and to be more introspective about myself.


I have had this great sense of gratitude recently that has provided a lot of great energy for me to focus on my work and to live a comfortable life.


Hope you have experienced a great 2016 and to cross with you again in the future.



// jeff


Chiang Mai,December 8th 2016


Hi Frans,

Just a smal thank you for your generosity of spirit in giving time, patience and education to me during my two weeks, short, but lovely visit.

Have a drink or two on the Friday evening market and smile !!



Great Brittain


Bangkok, December 6th 2016


Dear Khun Frans,


Thank you for giving us mindful time a week for me (Sasha) and a couple of days for our whole family.

Sasha & Vitalli

Taras & Milasha


The Campfire was very nice (Taras (12))

Meditation was fun (Milasha (10))


Sasha and I, without advance discussion, came to the same idea to make a gift to you, this book.




Family Z, Russia / Ukrain


New York, USA, November 20th 2016


Hi Frans,


Thank you so much for an amazing and insightful retreat. I learned so much, breathing, walking, thinking differently and so much more. Thanks for your openness and kind heart in sharing yourself and your vast knowledge and understanding. I've a long way to go but I'm on the road!


Many, many thanks and sending you light and love,



New York


Germany, October 4th 2016


Dear Frans,


Nice that we had the chance to say 'goodbye' a second time before I went home after the eight day program I did with you. I am already in Germany again.

I will try to live each day as it was my last. The song and the black bird on my left shoulder is now in my mind.


And your sentence 'Be open and willing to receive good things that are waiting for you' is also with me.And thanks that you have shown me that I do have more talents I ever thought.


R. A.



Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, September 11th and 21st 2016


Dearest Frans,


Thank you so much for coming and leading such wonderful sessions for the Family Business Network Asia, with my guests from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City over the last few days!

It was amazing to have the ability retreat into ourselves and I very much treasure the time you led us through the experiential exercises. It did indeed deepen our understanding of one another and allow each of us to understand ourselves better.


May you continue onto your joyful journey's until our paths cross again ;)


Om Om Shanti !


Kathy Luong Organizer of the FBNA retreat.



Paris, France, August 14th 2016


Dear Frans,


Working with you was an amazing experience. We were totally amazed by The Pavana and your decisive presence. You know how to connect with people and talk in their heart. You are a big asset for the resort as well. You were one of the primary factors we had such a good time. We are confident our paths will cross again… You are always happy, always smiling. Thank you!


S. & O. U



USA, August 6th 2016


Hi Frans,


Thank you so much for your support and insights. You helped me a great deal, and it is obvious that one of your missions in life is doing just that---helping others.  Thank you so much!


N. I.


Singapore, July 23rd 2016


Thank you Sir Frans!


Your guidance has helped me re-shape my path.


Mr. G. K.

Participant numerology/life coaching sessions during yoga retreat



Antwerpen, België, 12 juli 2016


Dank je wel voor al je energie, inspiratie en spiegel! Wat een trip!


S. E. & K. O.

Deelnemers 12-daags partnerprogramma



Kopenhagen, Denemarken, 25 mei 2016


Het is nu 2 maanden geleden dat ik thuis kwam van mijn meditatie ervaring bij Captijn Insight in Thailand. Een mooie spontaan ingegeven trip, die nu een van de beste beslissingen die ik ooit in mijn leven heb gemaakt blijkt te zijn. Naast mediteren zelf heb ik veel geleerd over het boeddhisme en over mezelf.


Ik heb dingen mogen en kunnen laten loslaten en ze met een grote Thaise wensballon in oneindige hoogte en leegte laten opgaan. Nogmaals dank je wel Frans Captijn voor deze fantastische ervaring. Ik zal je altijd dankbaar blijven voor deze reis.





Utrecht, 12 mei 2016


Online presentatie en dialoog  als bijdrage in het programma "Selecteren zonder Vooroordelen: voor de beste Match!"


"Interessant om ook over dit onderwerp na te denken (bij stil te staan) en over te discussiëren in een gesprek met Frans Captijn via Skype in Thailand. Zeer verfrissend: interessant om andere/originele kijk hier op te horen. Nuttig en inspirerend, ook wel baanbrekend in de ‘sleur’ van onze manier van denken. Leuke praktijkvoorbeelden, veel informatie."


Terugkoppeling vanuit de evaluatie van de training.



Copenhagen, Denmark, May 9th 2016


Hi Frans,


my week last March with you was not only one of the biggest experiences in my life. It was also a life changing experience.


When I decided to join a program with you, I had no job and my economy was very vulnerable. However I had no doubt that the trip was an investment in myself and my future so I just had to find a solution. Therefore I sold some stuff and I rented out my apartment while I was gone so I could finance my trip.


My expectations for the week with you was huge. However my expectations was even more than fulfilled.


Working intensely with you for 7 days was a unique possibility to take a huge step towards myself and I taught so much. I had never felt an inner peace like that before. And I still do.


I admire your unique ability of connecting with other people. I felt that instantly and I knew that I could share anything with you. You also have a great sense of humor. I love that :)


I wish, everybody could have the chance to join one of your programs and hope I can join a program again.


Love from Copenhagen




Sydney, Australia, April 15th 2016


Dear Frans,


The secrets of a rich life…? It was a great adventure for Richard and me to find out a different meaning of living life. With your connection and approach you helped us to discover our real purpose. As you said, do not find it in the outside world but search within. So true.

We already talked with our children and some of our friends about our great experiences, shifts we are making and the wonderful time in Thailand we had. Believe it or not. They feel our change.


We hope we stay on track breathing in and breathing out more connected.

Thank you for your inspiration.


Carol (and Richard).




Denmark, February 20th 2016


Hey Frans,


It's almost 2 years since I was in Chiang Mai. It has changes my whole world to learn from you - it's like I have a peace in mind, I never had before. And because of you I had certainly found the last missing link to let go and suffer less - and to "place" the things I was suffering about. You are one of my masters in life - once again - Thank you!


Take care,