Tantra introduction & retreat

Tantric Workshops introduction and retreats at The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort Thailand

Captijn Insight offers at The Pavana Chiang Mai resort two Tantra workshops.

# Introduction to Tantra (Where true love and meditation meet and create bliss) a private or group workshop of about 1,5 - 2 hours with lectures and practicum (after joining the workshop you can sign in to receive the hand-out of this introduction program).

# Tantra journey of senses and energy (Encounter the juwels of alliveness) an 8-days program.


We offer you, having a relationship or not, the opportunity to experience an understand-ing of Tantra beyond the “concept” that Tantra just and only is about sex.


Tantra is all about expanding life force energy and offers many more (spiritual) layers and different options going far beyond sensuality and sexuality.

Being mindful and aware that our senses and consciousness of life energy can properly be regarded as instruments to deeply connect, to explore, and as a form of nutrition and healing.


Music we use during our sessions.


(Just as a general indication. All participants of our workshop, at the end of the program get a list of the music we used during their program to keep in their workbook).\