Singingbowl sessions

Tibetan Singing Bowl Relaxation and Energy flow workshops


We offer you the possibility to join and practice one of our Singing Bowl workshops. A magical experience of the transformational power of our so far more than 35 Master-quality Tibetan singing bowls, bells, cymbals and gongs.


Since the time of the historical Gautama Buddha (560 – 489 B.C.) the harmonics of singing bowls have been used to induce meditation and relaxation, reduce stress, Chakra balancing & overall holistic healing.


When Singing Bowls are played they produce a rich blend of harmonic overtones. These overtones have direct effect on the Chakras, that awaken a beautiful & powerful mystery. Their rich sonic vibrations alter space, mind & time.


The human body can be compared to an orchestra, where each organ, tissue, and cell is like a different instrument. Just like in an orchestra, the individual parts all have different tones, overtones and unique attributes that have to be tuned in order to play harmoniously together.


The eerily beautiful tones and overtones of the bowls bring new life to stagnated parts, and they re-awaken the healing powers within the body. Playing the bowls the building blocks of the human body, are receiving a gentle cleansing massage. The deep relaxation response defies description; it must be experienced!


We offer you to give your body, mind and soul a sound massage. A playful workshop full of sound vibration and resonance.


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