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The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort

"One stop top destination for wellness and healthy living in Thailand."


Live the slow-life in a peaceful village setting embraced by vast rice paddies that are the world away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities.


Nestled within the lush nature of Mae Ann Valley, The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort boasts its spectacular grounds of over 100,000 square meters on the hills of Mae Rim countryside. With the unique blend of Lanna architecture, comfort accommodation, and their comprehensive wellness programs, The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort is truly an oasis for those who seek to rejuvenate their body and mind.

Captijn Insight is proud to use The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort as its stunning base for her discovery programs.


For residence most of the time we make use of the in August / September 2014 totally renovated Pool de Luxe rooms of The Pavana Chiangmai Resort. The regular work location for Asia Health Care Tourism Co. Ltd. from the host.


The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort (background info).

Not ‘just a name’. It is all about the deep underlying meaning.


The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort is a unique inviting wellness place to purify, develop, cultivate and produce a holistic health and lifestyle. The art of exploring and doing (effort) to be and stay healthy in future growth. Bringing your development to life.


What is the original meaning of Pavana?

The meaning of the name "Pavana" is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than only one possible meanings available.

In Sanskrit and Indian language the most important meaning is Purifying of body and mind.


Bhavana, in a one to one relationship and expressed as Pavana as well, is an important concept in Buddhist praxis.

Literally it means "development" or "cultivating" or "producing" in the sense of "calling into existence."


In the Pali Canon - the standard collection of scriptures in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition – Bhavana is often found in a compound phrase indicating personal, intentional effort over time with respect to the development of that particular faculty. Such as;

  • Development of the mind or development of consciousness (Citta-Bhavana)
  • Development of the body (Kaya-Bhavana)
  • Development of loving kindness (Metta-Bhavana)
  • Development of wisdom and/or understanding (Panna-Bhavana)
  • Development of concentration (Samadhi-Bhavana)


The word Bhavana used on its own signifies ‘spiritual cultivation’. It is sometimes translated into English as meditation. Meditation as a state of fixed or absorption concentration by which the mind becomes completely absorbed into and therefore unmovably fixed upon the meditation object.


In addition, in the Canon, the development of Samatha – Vipassana (meditation) is lauded.

  • Samatha-Bhavana; the development of tranquillity (relaxation and focus)
  • Vipassana-Bhavana the development of insight (contemplation, inner wisdom


The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort offers them all in a unique healthcare approach.