Reclaim conversation

Why do people avoid looking at each other when they travel with public transport? How is it possible so many people can sit together and never catch each other's eyes, let alone that they, oh whooo, would have a chat? Are we really alienated from each other as a species?


Speaking of synchronicity ... Many miracles, new perspectives, feelings and connections arise from contact. In our culture, loneliness and depression have taken epidemic forms and antidepressants are the most prescribed drugs in the world. You might wonder why this is so and what part you may have in it yourself.


Although we are by nature social beings, a radical change in our social structure has occurred in recent decades. This means that loneliness and isolation have now taken the place of the strong sense of community feeling and the bond with others we used to have. What is it in us that wants to erect walls and barriers that exclude other people?


If you really want to Live your life, can you afford to hide behind the walls you've built? Can you afford to reject and exclude others from your own sphere of life?


A pioneer in cardiac surgery, Dean Ornich, once said that if you shut down from human contact, you put stress on your heart and endanger your life. Learning to join others could really save your life.


Reclaim face-to-face Conversation.

Be (more) pro-active in seeking face-to-face conversation. Don’t be anti-technology, just be aware smartphones are killing real conversation


Face-to-face conversation:

  • Increases the empathic connection that people feel toward each other
  • Increases the quality of what you talk about
  • Shows reciprocal respect for each other


Live in greater harmony with your cell phone. Make (more) space for face-to-face conversation in your everyday life. Your capacity for empathy, introspection, creativity, and intimacy certainly will grow.



Create ‘sacred spaces’ – like the kitchen, the dining room, the car, the bedroom – that are ‘device-free’ and set aside for real conversation. Don’t bring your cell phones to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make meals a time when you are there to listen and be heard.


Know where still to find the switch 'OFF' button. Especially and at least during your sleep.


Be willing to accept natural face-to-face connection again. Accept that life is not only about feeding yourself the whole day with a never-ending stream of more information. Learn to enjoy the slower speed of connected conversation. For empathy, for wellbeing, for creativity.


# Show sincere interest, appreciation and respect in your contact with people.

# Promise yourself to say every day something positive to someone on your way to work, to a store or during a walk with your dog.

# Give your face a soft smile (really it works). It can color your and someone else's day.

# Decide to have a chat with at least one person every day.

# Be curious about the life stories of others and be aware a totally new world of synchronicity opening up to you.