It can be too late

"If you bring up what you all have in you, all what you have in you will be your salvation. If you do not bring up what is stored in you, what you do not bring up will destroy you. "

(Jesus of Nazareth)


# Are you satisfied with the fact that you only bring up 2% of your full potential in this current moment?

# What decisions do you still not make because you want to wait until something changes?

# What is it that stops you from changing things in your life right now to create more happiness for you?

# Do you spend enough time researching your talents, life purpose and your inner potential? Or too much time on external pursuits?


I can really say I was lucky. My accident was not yet the end ...


I wonder more and more about how it is possible that people remain ignorant of the extraordinary gifts and talents they have stored within themselves. Many people live and die without ever having brought their true and deeper uniqueness to the surface. The problem is that people wait until the time and circumstances are exactly right. Only then do they steam up at full speed and get the best out of themselves. It is very peculiar that they withhold their greatest treasure, safely hidden in a kind of inner vault, as an investment for the future. Instead of doing what they actually want here and now, where the power is, they shy away and hesitate. You never know what can happen, do you  until ... it's too late.


The choice not to limit yourself in such a way can lead to a major turnaround in your life, creating incredible opportunities.


The insight that my misfortune (car accident) has brought me is that I actually was playing with my life. Why did I need this accident to start the journey to discover what I have in me and what I have to do here? Being honest, I already knew for a long time that I needed to change my life and lifestyle in another direction. My father's words were always in my mind: "If you are a member of the Captijn family, you finish what you started!" This is actually a great statement that I still support. And yet ... my (old) work was already finished. Only I did not see that.


All those ‘supporting’ words from my surroundings reminded me I had my responsibilities. And what about your children? And your family members in the Netherlands? And yes, that's all true. And yet ... I never asked myself the question about my responsibility for living my own life. I forgot myself too much. Always working, always wanting to be there for others. Not that I do not want to do that any longer, but I have to be there for myself in the first place. I ran totally out of balance. Taking care of myself (in a holistic way) first is not selfish. If I do not take care of myself first, how can I be there for 100% for the world around?


Again, synchronicity played an important role. After various 'threshold guards' (things that happen to you to test whether you really want to change direction of your life) you walk that new path. And what happens to you is a kind of hero’s journey (I will explain this separately at this website). After a period in which you wonder about what you actually did, the step you took, coincidences start to happen. Things fall in place. After all, people and circumstances are waiting for your uniqueness. And it is entirely true that by taking that step, following that calling, you bring all you have in you to the surface. When I look back at my own situation I dare to say that those coincidences were my salvation. On second thought, I find the word 'salvation' a bit too much. The coincidences brought me forward on the right, or a much better path.


Please understand: You do not need an accident to make a huge change in your life. Changing is not even about having guts. The most important thing is that you have to learn to believe in yourself.


"The time to make your dreams come true and to bring out what you have inside is now."


Answering that call, starting to fulfill that long-cherished wish, launches an unlimited creative space. Already the fantastic exciting thoughts let your heart pound. Give you energy. Yes, the road to that dream can be very bumpy. And every now and then you will also stumble and fall. Isn’t this exactly the way you also learned to walk?


Isn't it better, even if you fail, to try something with 100% of your energy and attention… than to regret things you did not even try?


Realize your ideal, work on it with all your heart and soul. With dedication, friendship, a thousand percent motivation and with love.


Do not wait until tomorrow. It can be too late. Do it now!