Insight in synchronism

My Personal Catalyst for Change. Insight in Synchronism.


In October 2010 I had a severe traffic accident driving through an eight-kilometer long tunnel in the province I worked for in The Netherlands. A black-out.


In retrospect, it was the last attempt of my body to wake me up: a final wake-up call to stop with the things I was doing and open up to what was waiting for me. Not an easy process I can tell you. A process that took a long, 13-months, time. Actually it’s still going on.


Without even having noticed it myself and step by step, I was completely out of my (holistic) balance. Yes, I was a manager at that time. It turned out managing my own life was something different and I needed to learn a lot about that. Up to that point I never gave that process the right attention.


So what kind of manager was I when I was not even able to manage my own life? Now I know I am not the only one…


I was out of balance. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and also causally, I was living in an imbalance of energy givers and energy drainers: Giving too much and receiving too little.


Conclusion? A burn-out and not a small one.


Too late or maybe just in time. In my life so far I discovered that the universe has a fantastic synchronicity. A main insight. This synchronism makes sure that everything moves and interacts with everything else. Miracles happen around us in a continuing stream. You only have to stand still for a moment and take the time to look or even better to look deeper. And this synchronism clearly has to do with me, with us. Many wanted, and sometimes also unwanted, gifts are waiting for us...


The question is, how does that relate to us? Do we see those wonders, inside and outside of ourselves, and how do we deal with them? If we are too busy or our mind is too hectic, the magic of the moment can completely escape to us.


Synchronicity also works in this way; If one door, wanted or unwanted, closes for you, another door automatically will open itself. A new, until then unknown, space, full of previously unknown chances and opportunities unfolds for you.


Now, looking back, I can say that that this accident was not unfortunate at all. It was painful at that time and during the period of recovering (or maybe better to say letting go). But synchronicity brought me here, in Asia, to my mission. I now have a much higher feeling of happiness/bliss, and find myself in an environment that suits me even more.


As I look back on my life until now, everything that happened was necessary to create the person that I am now and to bring or keep me on the life path I much more consciously can walk.


And what the world is thinking of me or what people can read on the internet? That is up to the world. I am the only one who knows the real stories. I can now laugh about everyone else's interpretations. For me there is nothing to feel or be ashamed of.


If the sun did not rise for me tomorrow… I did it!

I am Living (with a capital “L”) a much more engaged, happy, connected, life and lifestyle.

I am studying and growing by sharing.

And lot of experiences and insights were and are part of that process.


I illustrate only a couple of them for you here:


  • Fear to live your dream
  • Everything is temporary
  • Everything is interrelated
  • Freedom in bond
  • Letting go
  • Karma