Your talents & life-mission

Looking for your talents and life mission?

Everyone has a mission to fulfill in his/her life. In your birth gift you have been given all the talents (your inner gold) you need to succeed in this. Every human being has a specific set of qualities and talents. At Captijn Insight we call this your “talent-DNA”. By integrating and focusing on these talents you become aware of your life mission. You get a view of your “Tree of Life”.


That’s a nice story, however… what are your talents? Do you know your life mission? Are you, as a king or queen in your kingdom, in charge (personal leadership) of your talents so you can give the best shape and content to this mission?


Take the first step! Only you can take the responsibility for, and take control over, your own life.


All you have to do is to search for your talent-DNA and become conscious of your personal mission.


Do not dream your life but live your dream. Say "yes" to your mission and experience the wisdom and energy you’ll experience to be able to fulfil it by using your talents: Talent development from your inner compass.


The team of Captijn-Insight can help and guide you in your quest with an individually-tailored program (we can also prepare a consultation and/or program for couples or groups).


You will work in about 4-5 sessions (from 2-3 hours) to discover your “inner gold” and to investigate your mission from your “life tree.” Also take into account a limited amount of (pre)work you’ll have to do outside the meetings.


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