Meditation and relaxation

Workshop and holiday program Mindfulness and Meditation in Thailand

In the workshop “Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation” you research what mindfulness and meditation could be or is for you and how that feels. Villa-Asia also, periodically, organizes special 8-days Meditation Retreats


A day (or eight days) undisturbed a gift to, time and attention for, and a look at yourself.


Mindfulness is about attention, conscious observation, experience feelings, mindset, awareness, being present, and also about freedom of action. It is not possible to summarize it in one word.


Meditation is the art of developing the mind, mental strength and self control. Meditation can, for example, be used to enjoy life more because meditating makes us more aware and relaxed. It focuses on the transition from “human doing” to “human being”. Meditation can be an answer to the growing need for relaxation and rest and puts you in touch with your core.


Interested? Ask for our brochure "Introduction practice of Mindfulness" and/or our special "Captijn Insight Meditation holiday brochure"

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