Business engagement

Relations and performance out of real connection and inspiration


It is possible to create work environment where everyone is working at peak energy, full passion, and a positive attitude in 'flow.'

To maintain a sustainable, forward growth momentum, you need committed and involved people who are inspired in their work and share their enthusiasm with colleagues and customers. This ensures high quality products and sustainable relationships. Thus an organization works in a natural way to growth and confidence instead of mere 'survival.'


Business engagement (Some call it Business spirituality)? What is it? Can't we finally spend our time to meaningful activities instead of so-called 'new-age' visions?


Perhaps, and certainly in this day and age, the word "meaningful' is exactly what people and organizations need.


A period of transformation is the perfect opportunity to stand still for a while in order to determine the effective strategy. Often during such a period, other practices or new creative forms of organizations will come into existence.


Business engagement has nothing to do with religion and is no kind of New Age. It has to do with sincere connection, inspiration, and inner strength. It creates 'drive', 'flow', passion, relationships and energy between people and within organizations.


Business engagement is successful through expertise and relationships that come from sincere connection and inspiration.


What is it that really matters for you and for your organization? What is the inspiration in your organizational cooperation and relationships? Where do you find similarities and differences?


Inspiration and sincerity is felt both by colleagues and customers. They contribute to a new balance in relationships and performance and result in better business performance and higher, natural, standards of quality of products: A sustainable growth business momentum.


Captijn Insight can accompany and assist you in this process.


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