Captijn Insight reviews

Beijing, June 29th 2017


Dear Frans,


I left the resort 7 days ago. We miss you ;). You will never know how thankful we are joining your classes and sessions. I still listen to your talks and the mantras and do your exercises and do breathing and standing, walking, sitting as u told me. I can hear the birds. See the tree which I never " saw" before . I try to live here peaceful but it’s sometimes hard in this busy and crowdie city. For sure we will come back. Looking forward already to that moment.


G & U



Western Australia, March 21st 2017


Hallo Frans.


How are you?


Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat! We both felt so good when we left and still think of the time with you.


My partner is doing his meditation every morning and loves it. He is much more relaxed now.

 I love to read 'the lake'. We did this meditation at the lake on the way to the Buddha foot prints. It helps me a lot to calm down.


Thanks for the great time. Say hello to your dog, owl and your daughter.


Cheers M & L xx


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, January 31st 2017


Dear Frans,


Thank you for all your sessions and for sharing so much of yourself during my wonderful 3 days visit.

Thank you for the info on the Singing Bowls. They are intriguing and I hope to explore them more when I have more time during a future visit to you.

All best regards. I wish for you continual growth and success in your endeavors.




E.A. China


The Netherlands, January 25th 2017


Thank you Frans for the very special week we got in which you had an important role. We will meet again, somewhere, somehow.



E & N v.d. E

Limburg, The Netherlands



Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 12th 2017


Hi Frans, 


thank you so much. It was so nice seeing you, and working with you, again.

Thanks for a wonderful week with lots of insights. I'm excited to go home and start living the things I've learnt - and to rule my kingdom of talents.

I have lots of energy and am sure I will have a great start of my new job.


Thank you so much for being the fantastic person you are and for sharing your wisdom. You do a huge difference and impact on everybody around you.


Take Care,



Copenhagen, Denmark


Sydney, Australia, December 13th 2016


Hi Frans,

hope you have been well.

I have been wanting to write you for quite some time now. It has almost been a year since I did a retreat / detox at Pavana Chiang Mai Resort.The time spent at The Pavana really had a profound effect on me. My mind has felt much more open and sensitive. Having done the morning meditation with you each morning has been great and I continued to practice it on my own.


I just wanted to write to say thanks for leading the meditation sessions while I was at the retreat, it was a really good routine to up keep. There are lots of new things, I felt have come into my life since leaving the retreat and perhaps I wouldn't have noticed them as clearly if I didn't continue to practice mindfulness and to be more introspective about myself.


I have had this great sense of gratitude recently that has provided a lot of great energy for me to focus on my work and to live a comfortable life.


Hope you have experienced a great 2016 and to cross with you again in the future.



// jeff


Chiang Mai,December 8th 2016


Hi Frans,


Just a smal thank you for your generosity of spirit in giving time, patience and education to me during my two weeks, short, but lovely visit.

Have a drink or two on the Friday evening market and smile !!



Great Brittain


Bangkok, December 6th 2016


Dear Khun Frans,


Thank you for giving us mindful time a week for me (Sasha) and a couple of days for our whole family.

Sasha & Vitalli

Taras & Milasha


The Campfire was very nice (Taras (12))

Meditation was fun (Milasha (10))


Sasha and I, without advance discussion, came to the same idea to make a gift to you, this book.




Family Z, Russia / Ukrain


New York, USA, November 20th 2016


Hi Frans,


Thank you so much for an amazing and insightful retreat. I learned so much, breathing, walking, thinking differently and so much more. Thanks for your openness and kind heart in sharing yourself and your vast knowledge and understanding. I've a long way to go but I'm on the road!


Many, many thanks and sending you light and love,



New York


Germany, October 4th 2016


Dear Frans,


Nice that we had the chance to say 'goodbye' a second time before I went home after the eight day program I did with you. I am already in Germany again.

I will try to live each day as it was my last. The song and the black bird on my left shoulder is now in my mind.


And your sentence 'Be open and willing to receive good things that are waiting for you' is also with me.And thanks that you have shown me that I do have more talents I ever thought.


R. A.



Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, September 11th and 21st 2016


Dearest Frans,


Thank you so much for coming and leading such wonderful sessions for the Family Business Network Asia, with my guests from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City over the last few days!

It was amazing to have the ability retreat into ourselves and I very much treasure the time you led us through the experiential exercises. It did indeed deepen our understanding of one another and allow each of us to understand ourselves better.


May you continue onto your joyful journey's until our paths cross again ;)


Om Om Shanti !


Kathy Luong Organizer of the FBNA retreat.



Paris, France, August 14th 2016


Dear Frans,


Working with you was an amazing experience. We were totally amazed by The Pavana and your decisive presence. You know how to connect with people and talk in their heart. You are a big asset for the resort as well. You were one of the primary factors we had such a good time. We are confident our paths will cross again… You are always happy, always smiling. Thank you!


S. & O. U


USA, August 6th 2016


Hi Frans,


Thank you so much for your support and insights. You helped me a great deal, and it is obvious that one of your missions in life is doing just that---helping others.  Thank you so much!


N. I.


Singapore, July 23rd 2016


Thank you Sir Frans!

Your guidance has helped me re-shape my path.


Mr. G. K.

Participant numerology/life coaching sessions during yoga retreat



Antwerp, Belgium, July 12th 2016


Thank you so much for all your energy, inspiration and mirroring! What a trip!


S. E. & K. O.

Participants 12-days couples program



Copenhagen, Denmark, May 25, 2016


It is already two months now since I came home from my meditation experience with Captijn Insight in Thailand. A pretty spontaneous planned trip, which now I found to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Besides meditating skills and background I learned a lot about Buddhism and about myself.


I learned to let things go and literally send them with a large Thai Khom Fai (floating lantern) to infinite heights into emptiness. Thank you again Frans Captijn for this fantastic experience. I will always be grateful to you for this trip.




Utrecht-NL, May 12, 2016


Online presentation and dialogue as a contribution to the program “Selecting new staff without Prejudice: the best Match! "


"Interesting to think about this issue (at to stand still) and to discuss in an online Skype interview with Frans Captijn in Thailand. Very refreshing: interesting to hear other / original / different view. Useful and inspiring, also ground-breaking the 'routine' of our way of thinking. Nice and useful shared experiences, a lot of information."


Feedback from the evaluation of the training.



Copenhagen, Denmark, May 9th 2016



Hi Frans,


my week last March with you was not only one of the biggest experiences in my life. It was also a life changing experience.


When I decided to join a program with you, I had no job and my economy was very vulnerable. However I had no doubt that the trip was an investment in myself and my future so I just had to find a solution. Therefore I sold some stuff and I rented out my apartment while I was gone so I could finance my trip.


My expectations for the week with you was huge. However my expectations was even more than fulfilled.


Working intensely with you for 7 days was a unique possibility to take a huge step towards myself and I taught so much. I had never felt an inner peace like that before. And I still do.


I admire your unique ability of connecting with other people. I felt that instantly and I knew that I could share anything with you. You also have a great sense of humor. I love that :)


I wish, everybody could have the chance to join one of your programs and hope I can join a program again.


Love from Copenhagen




Sydney, Australia, April 15th 2016


Dear Frans,


The secrets of a rich life…? It was a great adventure for Richard and me to find out a different meaning of living life. With your connection and approach you helped us to discover our real purpose. As you said, do not find it in the outside world but search within. So true.

We already talked with our children and some of our friends about our great experiences, shifts we are making and the wonderful time in Thailand we had. Believe it or not. They feel our change.


We hope we stay on track breathing in and breathing out more connected.

Thank you for your inspiration.


Carol (and Richard).



Denmark, February 20th 2016


Hey Frans,


It's almost 2 years since I was in Chiang Mai. It has changed my whole world to learn from you - it's like I have a peace in mind, I never had before. And because of you I had certainly found the last missing link to let go and suffer less - and to "place" the things I was suffering about.  You are one of my masters in life - once again - Thank you!


Take care,


Best M. K. L.


Paris, France, February 8th 2016


Dear Frans,


One more message.

I came to your place to find some inspiration to live better, to learn to "let it go", and you had a great impact on me. For your kindness, your dedication, your focus on helping and this great energy you radiate around, I want to thank you again. If you ever were to visit Paris, or someone that you care about, I'd be happy to share a coffee & help if I can.


Again, many thanks,




Paris, France, January 28th 2016


Dear Frans,


I couldn't go without saying thank you for the time spent together. Your words had a positive impact on me, so I feel grateful for that. Hope you'll continue to spread love & wisdom to lost and not-so-lost urban souls! 


Wish you the best in the future and hope to stay connected,




Sydney, Australia,

January 17th 2016


Hello Frans, I watched a very interesting talk, it asked us if we could name a person that has offered positive help that we have taken to improve our happiness and therefore our wellness. Yes, I could name Frans!


I want to express my gratitude, for giving me information, giving me help, even when I was not ready to really help myself, because I was fighting other battles. I did stop. I read the poem and HEARD what it was you were trying to say. Is topped and thought, about the workshops, your blog posts, my life, and how it was I could help myself.


For so long I felt I had depression. But no, it was not a depression, but something destructive in my life as you know, which I am now so very thankful to be free from. I am learning every day, I write in my journal, I stop, I look, I hear and enjoy. I share this with those that I love and I thank you for helping me find this. I am experiencing a life that I know I would never have had staying in the situation I was in. Of this, I am free.


I have not felt this free in a long time and it is bringing me closer to life, I thank you for helping me find this Frans, I cannot express my gratitude enough. Be well, you are doing wonderful work.




Switzerland, January 1st 2016


Happy New Year to you.

Thank you for everything I could experience, learn and share with you last year. it's a great gift to, have met you beginning of last year and in November.

I am looking forward to this new year 2016 and to live and fulfill my mission in life.


Big hug mydesar friend.


Anja R.



December 23rd 2015


Frans - greetings to You.


Your immaculate "delivery" is highly appreciated - as the time spend with You.

It was .....a joyful breath of fresh air in my stale ..hmmm "indoors", a superb deep insight......

Great food for more in-depth journeys.... the hermits way...


Take care of your precious self and wishing you many various wonderful discoveries in participants of your programs in the coming year.


It was a pleasure and an honor.


Your Russian comrade A


Nice, France, December 11th 2015


"Such a wonderful experience of Introduction to meditation with Villa Asia two years ago in Chiang Mai, Thailand ! Thanks, Frans Captijn ! Hope, we'll have an opportunity to meet for another experience ! :)" Villa-Asia Thailand.


Tatévik Ozararat


Hong Kong, December 2nd 2015


Dear Frans,


Thank you again for your company, listening, and sharing. 

I thought of your words and I think I know what to do.


Thank you for being you, by being you, you have shown me how to be me :-)


Sending you love from HK!




Netherlands, November 21st 2015.


4 Years ago I participated in the wonderful Villa-Asia / Frans Captijn, theme 'Freedom' retreat in Thailand. I am happy it helped me to make a big transition in my life. Thank you so much again. Frans Captijn and Wendy Hanssen.


Klaas Tuitjer.


Oostkappele, Netherlands, November 11th 2015


Choose for yourself and join a Villa-Asia program or ask for a custom made private program that feels the best for you. 

Most of all be not afraid to open up for receiving and enjoying. For me this buddy / companion program was an unique experience. I got new personal insights and validation of things I already knew.

Believe in yourself, discover what your talents need.


Thank you for all the wonderful discoveries.


Just surprise yourself with this great and valuable gift. I am happy I did it.


Sunny greetings,



Oostkappelle, The Netherlands


Taiwan, September 28th 2015


Hello Frans,


I fanally have some time for myself since I came back from the trip due to typhoon. So I want to write to thank you so much for all your teachings and inspirations during our stay there. Even though it's crazy how fast I lost that perfect peace I dad during the stay, but i know from time to time I can always look at the notes I took of your teachings and hopefully remind myself of things like "everything you pay attention to grows - so be positive", "send out loving kindness", "give attention to the space in between your thoughts to calm the mind down", ... etc... :)


Thank you again and I sincerely hope that our path will cross again in the future.





Taiwan, September 16th 2015


Dear Frans,


Just wanted to thank you for everything I have received and learned and inspired on this trip.


I feel totally rejuvenated and am able to go on with my ‘new life’. I also seem to have a reassurance of what I'm about to do in my life, the mission, which I hope to share with you one day.


Thank you very much!


With love and gratitude,




USA / Singapore, August 25th 2015




Thank you for your kind words and information working with me/us. I appreciate your input and honest views. My wife and I were talking about how much we enjoyed interacting with you. All the best to you and yours. Meet you next year again.


Kind Regards,




Trip Advisor Reviewed 2 August 2015

(part of “Real and Comprehensive Review” from a guest from Singapore of The Spa Resort Chiang Mai)

4 of 5 stars 

I spent 9 days here and I am going to give an honest and comprehensive review and hope that it will be helpful.


What's great?
Frans Captijn the meditation teacher -- I was deeply moved by his sessions and have enrolled in a Buddhist meditation centre back in Singapore. Frans was a CEO in the Netherlands in another life and after an accident gave it all up and settled here. He is knowledgeable and a great life coach and guru. Don't miss his optional activities...reasonable and worth every penny. I regret not having taken a few. Check out his website www.villa-asia,nl


Shanghai, July 15th 2015


Dear Frans, 


I just wanted to write and say thank you for spending time with me last week. It was a week of growth. I cannot thank you enough for your availability and honest feed back. It created such clarity for me. I returned to work yesterday and my secretary said I looked more relaxed than she’d ever seen me – so that’s a start.  


Anyway, it seems a bit odd to be saying thank you in an email given your wifi free zone, but I really can’t express how thankful I am for our conversations.




R. E.


Bangkok, June 10th 2015/2558


Thanks so much Frans for the very good stories and also leading the meditation sessions. Thought I have practiced a lot in the past years but I always learn something new from you :-).






Netherlands, May 26th 2015


Dear Carlien and Frans,


With lots of fun and energy I recently worked 7 weeks on the Villa-Asia mini-quests. Many of the issues and tasks for me were very recognizable and connected well with my sphere of interest.


I'd like to compliment the design and proper formulations; here speaks mastery!


Maybe I'll come and visit once in Thailand to stay for a week.


Cordial greetings,


H. B. (Dutch participant Villa-Asia Mini-Quests)


China, May 10th 2015


Hello Frans,


I am back in China for work and finally can take time to write you after my holidays!


I want to thank you for your guiding, all your advices and information and your knowledge that you spread generously all around you to take care of everyone. I really appreciated every moment. The labyrinth was a great experience. The feed-back you gave me afterwards about my walk invited me to walk it the next day again. I got the same sensation at the same place and got the remembering back. By facing it I got the insight of letting go and I did. After a few minutes it faded away.

My stay in the resort was great. Everything was perfect surrounded by people who take care of guests and this wonderful landscape.


Yes, you helped me to enjoy and love life and all which surrounds me much more.

Thank you for this.


R.E. from Switzerland


Beijing May 7th 2015


Dear Frans,


It was very unique to share my experiences and deeper thoughts and feelings with you. I miss the days of starting up having meditation classes in Chiang Mai, miss everything and everyone, especially miss you. Just as you said, sharing the best “I” with the world, more smile and brighter eyes, and find when I open the heart these days, good luck all around me. I do it!


Meeting you is unexpected lucky. I smile thanks to all.


Thank you, Frans.




China, April 19th 2015


I am back home for about two weeks. I think about the things we talked about during the meditation retreat a lot. Sometimes when I am alone this sentence keeps going in my head. “We have an appointment with life and the only moment we can touch life is now.”


Thanks again for everything. I hope we can keep in touch and I can come back one day.


G. L.


Switzerland, April 18th 2015


Dear Frans,


Thank you so much, I really appreciate the time you took for me.

Having met you has been (and still is️) a great gift to me!

Thank you for everything. I will miss you and our morning meditation ...


Take care & big hug


L. A.


Germany, April 14th 2015


Dear Frans,


I am glad I got to meet you. I didn't know what was going to come of the meeting but it has been all good. Thank you so much for taking the time with me. It resonates with me, I feel you are spot-on with the analysis. I will stay in touch and let you know what happens.


Thank you.

Warm wishes (or maybe cool wishes would be more welcome at this time of year...)

A. N.


Being, China March 3rd 2015


It was very interesting to work with you! Interesting also that you basically very quickly pointed out my weaknesses - or better to say what I experience as weaknesses.


I clearly will go for the inner battle to have more time for the energizing talents... time will show if I will succeed but I as general positive person I am sure the exercises will at least be in my mind and hopefully intuition will guide me to do baby steps in the right direction …


I will try to just do the Kaizen way and think about it today and tomorrow ... next steps will come when I am ready... hopefully it will not take too long time...


In case I ave any further questions I for sure will get in touch!


Until then, all the best (also to the owl and your dog) and thanks again!


R. A.


Florida, February 12th 2015


Hi Frans,


It was so great to meet you and be able to spend the time we did.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge & meditations!


B & C



Belgium, December 17th 2014


Hey Frans, I am already back again. Total different energy at this place. It made me ' super happy' meeting you. so sorry I was not able to spend more time with you. I feel I could learn much more from you. I will give a next chance to meet you a ' GO" . 


Good luck and thank you,


R. de E


Copenhagen, November 23rd 2014


Dear Frans,


Once again - thank you for everything you tought me.. I use my "Thailand-wisdom" daily, and it´s you, who helped me to "place my mum in the right box"!





Zwaag - NL, October 5th 2014


Hello Villa-Asia team,

Being back home for eight weeks already, not a single week passed not thinking of Frans or Villa-Asia. It’s just because of this writing of a review for me is difficult. Because of my Boot Camp insights I decided to start working four instead of five days a week, just to get a better work / private life balance. So, by now, I got eight Wednesdays the opportunity to write this review. Every time I started with it I put my notebook aside after a while. The words I wrote down did not cover at all the fantastic experiences I had being at Villa-Asia and her surroundings. Every time when I started to write I got a big smile on my face and wanted to pass my passion I got in characters, words and sentences. Now, after two months, I realize that I do not need so many words to describe the Boot Camp in a review.


For me the summarize of the Boot Camp is: Live & Encounter!

Learn to observe your watching, tasting, smelling, listening and feeling, and the world is at your feet!


Frans, so far, this was the most extraordinary journey in my life. Your wisdom is so special that I feel privileged close experiencing this for a week.


Jasmijn Heuzer

Participant Boot Camp Young Professionals


(Supplement April 19th 2015)

Since a couple of months my passion to fulfill my mission is totally back again. I am still often thinking about my experiences in Thailand and your shared wisdom and am so happy with it!



(spontaneous reaction of my colleague / partner in a program)

Doorwerth – NL, September 1st 2014


Hey Frans,


Nice and inspiring to work together again preparing our two stunning programs at the beginning of next year. But first I want to share this. What do you thing about the progress of ‘our’ last Thailand guests? Really, they go on developing. I do not know what kind of shot they got last January, but this shot seems enough for a whole year! :-)



Arianne de Zwart


Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand, August 1st 2014


Dear team Villa-Asia,


One week ago we travelled by taxi to Villa-Asia. Exited for what was waiting to become at this Boot Camp “Steps to Mastery”. From the first moment I felt warm welcome and relaxed in this fantastic environment. Now I can honestly say in a short period I learned much more about myself than I did in the last ten years. I liked the program very much and will recall the insight, lessons and understanding taking next steps in life. Thank you all a lot.


E. J.

(participant Boot Camp Steps to mastery)


Utrecht-NL, August 17th 2014

Thank you so much for the magnificent week! The Boot Camp Young Professionals was a week full of new experiences and insights. It also was a week I fully enjoyed the beautiful country Thailand and the introduction in Buddhism. Frans, thank you for being so open and for sharing your wisdom.

During my elevator pitch at the start of the week I asked you and the other participants of the program to accompany me on my personal journey of discoveries. That´s for sure what you all did. Because of this Boot Camp program I am much more aware of who I am and what I want.

I hope a lot more people will join Villa-Asia programs in the future and wish you all the best!



University Utrecht

Participant Boot Camp Young Professionals


Bristol, July 25th


Every year I am having my summer holidays abroad.


Reading the brochure of the Villa-Asia Summer school in Thailand made me already curious.

Joining the program made me feel exited. I never experienced a holiday in my life, till this summer course, dealing in an exciting way with adventure, creativity, discovering, learning about yourself, fun, relaxation and connection. All in a stunning environment. Thank you so much. Hope you will offer a summer program next year again and will inspire new visitors.


Jeff F.


(Participant Villa-Asia Summer program)


München, August 8, 2014


Hello team Villa-Asia,


Thank you for all your attention and support during the summer program.

“Go home a richer person” is what the flyer of your program said. That’s the feeling I really have now after joining the program. I learned to be much more aware of living life in a playful way and am already enjoying the progress I make. So what about richer? I will never forget!


Katja F.


(participant Villa-Asia Summer program)


Nepal, May 28th 2014


Dear Villa-Asia team,


Finding the way to blossom (again).

I came without words to express how lost I was. I could not express the coldness and lack of connectedness I felt with my life. Frans, you understood that. I learn by doing and you were able to help me connect with my strengths trough sight, smell and touch. Thank you for your creative and patient guidance and creating that safe place for me to find my way, once again. In 12 days, with your loving support, I know what inspires me! I am flowing.


This is something will nurture because it is what I need for me. That is different and I am great!



Saint Petersburg.


Chiang Mai, May 6th 2014 / 2557


Dear Frans,


Thank you again for the way that you made my first real experience with meditation a journey into amazing wonderment.


It's actually quit amusing when people 'catch' me meditating and ask me; 'what were you doing?' and I can answer them without diffidence and a smile; 'absolutely Nothing'.


Life is full of extremes that attract and repel each other at the same time, like 'left' and 'right. And those who 'see' life can give unprecedented dynamism and thereby create tranquillity simultaneously.


To be able to acquire this understanding, I want to thank you, and it's up to me to apply; "Kaizen".


Ultimately, this leads to the underestimated:


"Do not worry about tomorrow,

Live Today! And be happy with what and who you are. "


K. P.

Participant meditation retreat program Thailand


HCMC, April 30th 2014


Hi Frans,


Thank you for the program. I'm beginning to see and "feel" myself as the whole of me. Funny how I often thought I was very self-aware.





Chiang Mai, April 28th 2014


Dear Frans.

Frans, thank you again for the way you are. I've learned so much from you, and I know it's big words, but you DO HAVE changed my life -or...I will rather say: The way, that I see life!


Before I met you, I called you "my monk". During my stay, you were my instructor, but sometimes I wished, you were a family member. But know, when I ask questions in life, you are certainly one of my my masters in life.


I hope, your new "students" are great.


Best K.L.




Chiang Mai, March 24th 2014


Hi Frans,

It has been so wonderful to meet you at the Spa Resort, Chang Mai. You are a wonderful man full of warmth, love and understanding who offers an abundance of beautiful wisdom that many people in our world can learn and grow from. I look forwarding to seeing you again, next time.





Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 28th 2014


It would be difficult to descibe the true scope of this programme, it is challenging, fun, and revealing with great insights and knowledge to take away and use forever. Whatever quesions, issues or challenges you face this is an environment of care and security. I feel blessed to have had the priviledge of working with Frans. He has taken away the clouds.


Mark Gabbott


(Participant Buddy / Companion program)


The Netherlands, 1st February 2014


Dear team Villa-Asia,


Thank you very much for your hospitality.


Please know my stay with you brought unforgettable impressions and experiences and worked out well for me. This trip for me was unforgettable ‘valuable’ because of the professionalism and shared insights of Frans. Valuable in sense of prohibitive and contribution to happiness in life. The labyrinth and “Jung” his cards in an Eastern setting maintain and give me new but most of all different and positive energy.


I experienced the Eastern power and way gave me a soft inner strength, safeguarding against pressure and negative energy.


I am thankful for that. I hope to see you soon and often. You all touched me!


Yours sincerely,



The Netherlands


Huai Sai, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 22 January 2014


I went open-minded to this work retreat. A great program with lovely participants and two fantastic beautiful people who guided this retreat is what I found.
Grateful for all open, special, insightful moments. We were all mirrors to each other.
Incredible how a group can bond after so many intense days.
The Chi Neng Qigong moments give me the chance to integrate the processes undertaken at a deep level.
For me Frans and Arianne are a great combination to bring this workretreat to an unpredictable and special ending.

My backpack is filled with new and inspiring information in the places where old baggage has disappeared.


Marianne Folmer

Participant: 'A personal journey full of discoveries' January 2014

Valburg - NL.


Huai Sai, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 22 January 2014


An experience and investment that creates a benefit for the rest of your life. The program and the loving guidance giving you the chance to get to the essence in a very short time.


Badhoevedorp, April 26th 2014


Hey Frans! It's finalized! I have two clients, four days a week work at least till January 1th next year. I am so happy! Next week I start... who ever could think about this idea?! ... a couple of months ago it was not me.


Mascha Egberts

Participant: 'A personal journey full of discoveries' January 2014



Huai Sai, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 22 January 2014


It is a beautiful experience, energy and beautiful surroundings. All this combined with the support of Frans and Arianne and you keep getting closer to your true self.


Laura Lukkassen

Participant: 'A personal journey full of discoveries' January 2014



Singapore, 9th January 2014,


Hi Frans,


Thank you very much for being a wonderful, patient, humble and understanding guide.


I think there is a Buddhist saying that a teacher for one day is a teacher for life. You will always be my teacher and I am most grateful to you and your words.


I will be in touch and will someday try an other course with you.


Take care in the meantime,





Chiang Mai, 8 January 2014


Dear Frans,


Thank you very much for the interesting and enjoying retreat. And thanks a lot for the many helpful hints and beliefs to strengthen our will to redirect our lives into a mindful and joyful direction.


R & M S.



Chiang Mai, 14th December 2013


We choose to participate in a short retreat program for our honeymoon. We didn't expect much, just doing something new and different together out during our long honeymoon. In the end, those three days turn out to be much more... If I dare to say... I'm sure it is what people could call a Life changing experience!  It made us more aware of so many things inside and outside. Frans was a great guide, who tailored the program when needed to accompany us more efficiently throughout the trip to make it a real inspiring experience for us. Surely the best quality time of our honeymoon, Definitely worth it !


Thank you again and see you soon,


T & A O



Australia, 31 October 2013


Hello Frans!


Just an update, I have worked through the material that you gave me at the end of my stay and work things have returned to normal! I would say 'change' but I really feel like it is a return ;)


Communicating in the circumstances you know now is so well and I believe my break in Thailand has done the world of good for the situation. I hope to return for a visit in 2014.


I have begun a photography course and am sitting at a 90 % average.

Thank you so much for your reassurance and guidance, I am so thankful that I met you on my stay.

wishing you all the best,

H. A.


Hongkong, 1th September 2013


Dear Frans,


I am safely and happy back home again. 


Thank you so much for taking time to teach me the wonderful exercises. I really am very touched. I found myself and my purpose in life even more.


"Dance like the fragile flower; that even blossoms in the snow and storms. Just be YOU; for you, yourself, are more perfect than perfection can ever be."


Thank you Frans. Take care.





Enschede, The Nederlands, 21st August 2013

“Also a hero is only human”

(under construction)


Do you have any questions reading my story, want to know more about is or about my experience of the Villa-Asia buddy program, please feel free to email me.


William Heinen


China, 2 August 2013


Hi Frans,


Life has taken over as soon as I landed home again.


However, the difference of how I am feeling, perceiving, and reacting now, compared to before, is obvious. The program has changed me, and I hope it's forever.


I am going to keep nurturing what I have learned and gained, and build on it.  (I have seen too often how quickly people lose it afterwards)


Thank you again for all that you have done, which was way beyond what the program was supposed to offer.  Someone has arranged for you to be there for me.  You were there for a purpose.


Likewise, I was there for a purpose.


With best thoughts,





Chiang Mai, 24 July 2013


The Villa-Asia buddy-program "formula" (as I experienced; attention, adventure and action) tremendously appealed to me. I have received exactly what I needed and at the right time. Despite of the red thread in the program, in relation to the theme to which I wanted to work, the program simply arose out of 'well-aimed' attention. No plan, It seemed, but every day tailored to my need.


I really felt at home here. This gave me the opportunity to ‘open-up’ and could really be myself.  I discovered answers on my (life)questions and found myself again.


Thank you so much!



The Netherlands


Hongkong, 14-06-2013


The time I spend with you in your program was imperative to me. Thank you for everything but especially for listening.



Österreich / Hongkong



Chiang Mai, 27th April 2013 , Australia 14th and 26th May 2013


Hello Frans,


Sometimes there are no words to truly express how you feel so I hope you don’t just read but also feel my gratitude for the past week we have spent together. I have learnt many valuable things from our time together and I’m sure your words and ideas will continue to influence me and go on to influence many around me in the future. You will never truly know the difference you have made. Someone once told me that while you cannot take others peoples suffering away, you can give your time + your love. I have felt that from you. Thank you for showing myself and the boundless love I have to share. Please look after yourself and make sure you don’t overdo it. The world needs you!


14th May:

Things continue to lead me on a very clearly defined path and there's no doubt in my mind that I'm heading in the right direction. Everything is working out amazingly. Now I'm just waiting for those challenges you talked about to show themselves. I'm ready to take them on as I'm convinced this is the direction for me!


26th May:

I'm on such a lucky role with my path at the moment, I'm bracing myself for the tests and challenges. I keep thinking "if your dreams dont scare you, they're not big enough". I'm definitely scared but have faith that everything will work out as it should.


Kate H

New Zealand.



Germany, 29th April 2013


Dear Frans,


I left you sad but smiley. I can’t thank you enough for everything!! I will keep you posted on my progress and changes. Was back at work today and what a positive change I experienced to 3 weeks ago.  Happy and relaxed. I know I have my Mission to work on :).


Lots of love.






Mae Ann, 4th April 2013


Thank you!


Always a surprise to be heard...


Please don’t let me laugh again.


Certainly the things you do with guests here, you cannot do in Belgium or somewhere else in Europe or the place where I live now but really only here!


Craig A.





Australia,13th March 2013


Hi Frans


Just a quick note to say hi and express my sincere appreciation for your efforts during my 3 day meditation programme. It was certainly thought provoking and timely. Your skills as a teacher and facilitator, combined with your life experiences (high stress, employer, divorce, etc.) were particularly relevant and helpful for me. We learn more from people that have credibility and we respect, and I therefore could not have enrolled in a better course. I should have stayed a little longer as I don’t think I quite mastered meditation in the 3 days! (joke).


I have discussed my experiences with several friends so you may even get some further clients from Australia. If you and Wendy ever travel to Australia please come and stay a while.



Thanks again Frans


Warmest Regards





Chiang Mai, 14th February 2013


Villa Asia looks to be going from strength to strength and looking to become the leading Search for Mastery retreats in Thailand. They offer a large variety of creative programs in search for and make the transition to mastery whether you are an individual, a couple, a team or an organization.  Villa Asia was established in 2009. The idea behind it is to act as the perfect venue for a work retreat in a place that is naturally quiet and relaxing for their guests. Villa-Asia is a non - profit foundation and unlike most other centers in the area does not primarily target tourists. They look specifically for people in their own countries who need to get away from it all.

Existing Meditation Retreats in Thailand
I did a Villa-Asia meditation retreat. Thailand is not short of meditation centers but after visiting Chiang Mai and Villa Asia I quickly saw the difference. Villa Asia has a totally different feel to it than others around with it being so far out of the city in such a tranquil location you really feel like you are alone, away from all of the weight on your shoulders of day to day life which was exactly what I was looking for. When I visited some other centers I couldn’t help feeling like it was just a holiday to some and they didn’t take it very seriously at all.

Villa-Asia offers a nice playful tailor made program where they make a combination of lectures, dialogue, movie fragments, Samatha and Vipassana practice, combined with supporting music, relaxation and breathing exercises, body-balancing and silence. For me real awareness and mindfulness. The practice is not only on the Villa-Asia promises but also in the beautiful surroundings around.

What did Villa Asia offer to me during my retreat?
They have everything planned out for me from the minute I arrived, from the airport pickup and drop off at the Villa’s location to every activity and meal throughout my stay. Villa Asia offers a massive range of meditation activities from silent meditation to walking meditation that I had not heard of before until I arrived there. A large aim of the Villa is to cut you off from the bearings of everyday life, this includes handing over mobile phones and other communication devices to ensure your stay is as work and stress free as possible. I at first was not keen on this idea but after my stay I can totally see why they do it.

Who, do I think, should visit a Villa-Asia retreat in Thailand?

These types of retreats are not for everyone but if you are feeling like work and day to day life is becoming too much for you then this could be a great option for you. I found out Villa-Asia really is the expert in unique 'journeys of discovery' that give insight into latent skills, talents and inner strengths.


Chris H.

Great Britain



Mae Rim, 2nd January 2013


Dear friend/master Frans,


I was so glad to do this training with you.
I really admire it and appreciated very much your effort and hard work and a very positive spirit. Thank you for your caring. I will not forget you. I do my meditation every morning for two hours I reached up above the sky thank to you! Everything is going very well!


Best Regard,


Moosa Mohammed Al-Wahaibi

Sultanate Oman



Bangkok, Thailand, 28th October 2012 / 23 November 2012


28th October 2012

"I recently participated in a week long meditation retreat with Frans.  I have done a lot of training and taken part in many different meditation courses and retreats, and this is most definitely the best I have attended. I had a wonderful experience, and came away feeling refreshed and completely rejuvenated.
The location is magical, the food healthy and very tasty, and the whole team arround very helpful.

I would highly recommend this course whether you are a first time meditator or someone with meditation experience.  Frans is a most genuine informative and inspirational teacher."

Sarah O'Flaherty (New-Zealand),
Regional Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
Bangkok, Thailand.

23rd November 2012

"Everything has been going very well since I came back to BKK and work.

I feel like a went through quite a shift on my retreat with you. Everyone here say I seem very chilled and seem to be 'glowing'  :)... it's very nice!! 

I'm still meditating every day. Struggling to get up at 6am sometimes, but will keep trying."





Capelle a/d IJssel, Netherlands, 17 August 2012


Dear Villa-Asia team friends,


thank you for your comprehensive care, sincere attention, openness and security. It was good to take the 'time'. I feel inspired to pick up things again. I've learned that we have exactly the right talents on board to do what we have to do. Everything however needs his own time to extend. Actually I knew this already but it was a bit rusty ... Super to have this sharp again! Thanks for that and for so much more. I will follow on my path strengthened with more in-sight, courage and more rely. I hope in the future I will join a Villa-Asia program again.


Bert L.

Capelle a/d IJssel



Mae Aen, Chiang Mai, 13th July 2012


I wanted to write to you my feelings. Just how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. I am not the greatest at writing but you have helped me so much with allowing me to speak about my experiences in life and guiding me through it.

Another thing I have appreciated is you sharing your experiences with me. I have learned so much from you. You ar a wonderful man and wonderful mentor. You have shown me how to be aware, how to control and how to be myself.




Aydin B.

Great Britain



Chiang Mai, North-Thailand, 19th June 2012

When Frans offered to facilitate The Talent Game out of the Villa-Asia workretreatprogram, for me I don't think he realised the profound nature of his gift.  For the past twelve years I have helped hundreds of people on the road to self empowerment but it is rare indeed for me to receive similar help. Usually I am the one facilitating and it is presumed that as I often play a leadership role I am somehow above the daily reality of life's challenges. Nonetheless I am extremely fortunate that my life has been blessed with three passions; performing, spiritual development and writing. 


As a professional actress and healer certain archetypes repeatedly make their presence known and the Jester, Musician and Teacher often playfully vie for my attention!  However, after recently completing a degree at Kings College London, I was keen to make the acquaintance of some new archetypes in an attempt to take a new direction in life.  Frans was not only kind, generous and patient as we progressed through the different stages of the game.  He also practised something that I believe is becoming increasingly rare; the sacred art of listening.


I honestly cannot express how grateful I am for the manner with which Frans listened.  He held a space for me to express my deepest feelings and personal truth without judgment and he gently guided me through each stage of the game, offering quiet encouragement especially when I confronted the archetypes I am most "allergic" to. 


Perhaps most importantly Frans helped me to bring to consciousness a deep rooted secret I have long held within; that the foundation of my inner peace relies on some time alone each day.  The Talent Game exposed the fact that for me to achieve balance within myself and my world all my activities must be born from the womb of The Hermit.


At the top of my tree I smiled to find the "caring Musician."  I do not know if Frans plays any musical instruments other than the strings of his big heart, but I do know from the sensitivity of his approach that he is a special host and "talenteer." All those who visit Villa Asia will benefit from his kindness, integrity and trustworthy insight into the mirrors of their soul. 


Naomi Lewis,





Rotterdam, 10 februari 2012


Bedankt voor onze bijeenkomst in Middelburg over talenten, het uitgebreide verslag en de foto. Ik kon mij er erg in vinden. Ik vond het enorm leuk en het heeft zeker mijn ogen geopend!


Jill W.

Middelburg, 2 februari 2012


Namens alle medewerkers wil ik je hartelijk bedanken voor het voorbereiden en begeleiden van onze strategiedagen van 25 en 26 januari jl.

We kijken met een goed gevoel terug op deze tweedaagse sessie die dankzij jouw enthousiastme, inzet en expertise naar ieders tevredenheid is verlopen.


Dick ten Voorde

Algemeen directeur

N.V. Economische Impuls Zeeland


Almkerk, 17 december 2011


Frans excelleert als leider en spreker omdat hij denkt vanuit zijn hart en voelt met zijn verstand. Hij blijft dicht bij zichzelf en gebruikt zijn talenten en competenties op een 'natuurlijke' manier. Dit maakt dat hij warm en krachtig overkomt en zijn ego hem niet in de weg staat.

Hij legt de accenten op wat écht belangrijk is en stimuleert samenwerking op basis van wederzijdse versterking. Hiermee verbindt hij verschillen tot gezamenlijke kracht en accepteert hij mensen zonder te veroordelen. Zowel bij Parkstad Limburg als in zijn laatste functie was hij daarin succesvol.

Hij durft zich kwetsbaar op te stellen en verbergt zich niet achter de fouten van anderen. Dat maakt dat ik en anderen hem zijn succes zo gunnen. Je ziet hem bij alles waar hij zijn kennis en kunde inzet genieten en dat maakt hem voor mij honderd procent geloofwaardig.

Zet hem in als inspirator of functionele bruggenbouwer en ontdek hoe mensen in beweging komen en meer waarde leveren voor anderen!


Marcel Dassen

Authenticiteit in beeld




Middelburg, 19 november en 30 november 2011


"Het was voor mij een bijzondere ervaring om kennis te maken met Frans. Er was direct sprake van een klik door zijn oprechte betrokkenheid en zijn enorme passie om iets bij te dragen aan de ontwikkeling van anderen. Hij heeft een rugzak vol kennis, ervaring en persoonlijke wijsheid die hij graag deelt met anderen. De warmte die hij aanstraalt en zijn pure streven naar integriteit bij zichzelf en anderen maakt hem tot een bijzonder mens."


Mary Staa

Trainer, coach, adviseur





Mae Rim, 18 oktober 2011


Deze werkretraite is een goede aanvulling op alle studie en kennis vergaring van deze tijd. Door op een andere manier tegen dingen aan te kijken verbreed je je perspectief en ontdek je meer mogelijkheden in en bij jezelf.


Het zou een standaard onderdeel moeten zijn in de opleiding bij hoger geschoolden.


Jan Tardy (Castricum)

Deelnemer Villa-Asia werkretraite oktober 2011.




Mae Rim, 18 oktober 2011


Ik heb van 8 oktober t/m 18 oktober 2011 de 10-daagse werkretraite in Villa-Asia gevolgd in Thailand. Het was een fantastische ervaring om eens helemaal je op jezelf te richten en de reis naar je binnenste te maken.

In een prachtige omgeving en een mooie cultuur kom je door vele oefeningen en speurtochten in jezelf dichter bij jezelf en krijg je genoeg handvatten aangereikt om je droom, passie en talenten te kunnen gaan leven.


Ingrid de Vuijst (Enschede)

Deelnemer Villa-Asia werkretraite oktober 2011




Mae Rim, 18 oktober 2011


Een leerzame ervaring waarbij je leert om open te staan voor een (voor mij) andere wereld en voor mezelf in een land dat helpt bij deze ervaring. Geweldig!


Monique Morée (Boskoop)

Deelnemer Villa-Asia werkretaite oktober 2011




Mae Rim, 18 oktober 2011


Een Villa-Asia werkretraite van 10 dagen voelt als een sabbatical van 3 maanden. Zeer aan te bevelen voor iedereen die echt tijd voor de eigen ontwikkeling wil nemen!


Klaas Tuijtjer (Alphen NBr.)

Deelnemer Villa-Asia werkretraite oktober 2011


Mae Rim, 18 oktober 2011


Villa-Asia helpt je om op een rustige manier, los van je eigen omgeving, te reflecteren op jezelf: Wie ben jij en wat wil jij?


C. Cools (Tilburg)

Deelnemer Villa-Asia werkretraite oktober 2011.




Tilburg, 9 november 2011


Ik wil het toch nu nog even kwijt. Ik merk nog elke dag de effecten en inzichten die ik tijdens de werkretraite heb opgedaan, het was werkelijk een unieke ervaring voor mij. Achteraf realiseer ik me dat nog meer dan tijdens de retraite. Het is zoals Frans diverse malen heeft gezegd: onbewust of bewust hebben de zaken die we beleefd hebben en meegemaakt hebben in Thailand hun effect. Dat is echt zo en het werkt door!


C. Cools

Deelnemer Villa-Asia werkretraite oktober 2011


Chiang Mai, 16 augustus 2010


Eind juli-begin augustus 2010 kreeg ik de kans om naar Chiang Mai (Thailand) af te reizen om daar voor 10 dagen kennis te maken met het nieuwe initiatief Villa-Asia. Dit was voor mij dé mogelijkheid om even weg te zijn uit de dagelijkse beslommeringen in Nederland. Daarom heb ik deze kans met beide handen aangegrepen en stapte ik twee dagen later het vliegtuig in, om na een lange reis in Chiang Mai aan te komen. Een impulsieve actie die totaal niet bij mij past. De gastheer en de chauffeur stonden mij daar op te wachten. De 10 dagen die volgden waren in meerdere opzichten onvergetelijk en erg waardevol. De accommodatie was geweldig. Een prachtige villa met ruime kamers, groot zwembad en met genoeg ruimtes om je even terug te trekken. De omgeving en de locale bevolking waren ook een aangename verrassing. Op korte afstand van elkaar kun je genieten van en ontspannen bij de mooiste watervallen, grotten of bijvoorbeeld de botanische tuin. Voor ieder wat wils. Naast de vaste staf, die 24 uur per dag voor je klaar staat, is de locale bevolking altijd gastvrij en bereid je te helpen als je iets zoekt. Ook al lukt het niet altijd met de taal, met handen en voeten kom je er altijd wel uit. Dit alles leidde tot een sfeer waar je echt tot rust kon komen. Niets moet alles mag en kan. Voor mij was het heerlijk om daar 'gebruik' van te kunnen maken. Even echt 'ont'moeten. Geen mensen die wat van je vinden. Geen mensen die wat van je moeten. Niemand die op je let. Geen druk om te presteren. Gewoon niks. Alleen doen waar je op dat moment zin in hebt en investeren in jezelf. Iets wat in Nederland niet snel mogelijk is. Dit alles wordt gestimuleerd en gefaciliteerd door Frans die je de ruimte geeft om je gang te gaan, maar je wel waardevolle tips en inzichten kan geven om het proces waar je in zit een beetje zelf te sturen. Maar uiteindelijk laat hij het aan jezelf over om er wat mee te doen. Kortom een onvergetelijke tijd waarin ik dingen heb gedaan waarvan ik nooit had gedacht dat ik ze ooit zou kunnen of durven doen, die ik voor geen goud had willen missen en die me verder zullen vormen. Frans en Wendy, bedankt voor deze ervaring.


Maurice L. (Amsterdam)

Deelnemer Villa-Asia werkretraite augustus 2010.



Hongkong, 1th September 2013


Dear Frans,


I am safely and happy back home again. 


Thank you so much for taking time to teach me the wonderful exercises. I really am very touched. I found myself and my purpose in life even more.


"Dance like the fragile flower; that even blossoms in the snow and storms. Just be YOU; for you, yourself, are more perfect than perfection can ever be."


Thank you Frans. Take care.