Guidance afterwards

It’s okay to say that it is an experience to participate in a work retreat program in Thailand. Often will the experiences you gain cause changes in yourself, your work situation or in your personal life. It is possible for a group of participants to agree, together, to follow each other a bit after returning to the Netherlands (or another country). Especially the new media offer enough opportunities for this. Also can be used a form of inter vision and can there be discussed, for example, to organize a reunion in the Netherlands (or another country).


It may also be that afterwards, through your experiences and any new insights, you notice that the implementation is not entirely happening without a struggle. For example, not all “old” patterns which you go back to might feel “right” anymore. If wanted, we can help you in your further quest for guidance in the process of transformation in your personal life and/or in how you can implement new insights into for example your organization or business.


Under “Recommendations” you’ll find “Useful links” (click here) which contains a number of organizations/institutions (in The Netherlands and more and more also abroad) which we can heartily recommend.