Disconnect to connect

Grant your supporting digital devices a period of rest as well.

The main emphasis of every one of our programs is inner search and connection. That's why we ask, out of respect for yourself, the group and us, to give a rest to your mobile phone and other supporting media equipment and/or devices throughout the whole program.. Of course we will ensure that you (for exceptional cases) are accessible for the ‘home front’.


Alcohol- & Smoking free. Why?

In Captijn Insight we see alcohol as a stimulant. A drug which, especially in relation to the existing climate in Thailand, has a clear negative impact on the functioning of your mind and on giving 100% focus to yourself in the program.


During the retreat we especially focus on your full attention, the use of your mind and heightening of your awareness. Therefore the use of alcoholic stimulants (let alone the mere presence of drugs) is not permitted during any Captijn-Insight program. Full attention means being fully present and aware of what is happening around you.


This applies to smoking as well. Smoking is not allowed in and around the complex although a smoking area may be designated in certain cases. Participants, by signing up and participating in this work retreat, accept these rules unconditionally.


Throughout the program there is a wide range of alcohol-free (chilled) beverages and fruit juices, as well as necessary (mineral) water available.


Participants appreciate our approach to an alcohol free (and non smoking) program.


A few comments:

“Excellent! Alcohol should not be in such a retreat.”

“Fantastic! Looking back to it I had no problems at all.”