Costs and conditions

Costs in general

You will certainly agree: You're worth the investment: To discover the best in yourself …  to be able to and to be allowed to share those discoveries in the world and with the people around you. In our view, the costs shouldn't preclude you to follow our program. Allow yourself your own development!


Our guests value and rate our programs very highly. After participating in one of the programs they always say that they got a lot more than they expected, 'more value for money (well) spent'. Most guests state that if you start looking for a program (or a trip) in relation to Personal Development you'll find mostly programs that are priced much higher than Captijn Insight prices. Most often the total price stays well below the 'Western'  prices, even including the costs of a round-trip ticket.


The amounts listed in our brochures are fixed amounts. If the costs would be an obstacle for you, please contact us to see how you might reach these funds on a creative way. Your employer or environment, for example, may help a bit, simply because they think you deserve it.


It's almost 2 years since I worked with you in Chiang Mai.

It has changed my whole world to learn from you.

It's like I have a peace in mind, I never had before.

Linne K. Denmark






Liability and responsibility

Travel costs are your responsibility. Captijn In-Sight b.v. and / or the host accept no responsibility for travel and accommodation as well as participation in the program. Participation is therefore entirely at your own risk. Also, no liability is accepted for any loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind caused to the contracted accommodation and / or for any damage or injury suffered by participants by any cause. Nor shall they be liable for loss or damage to property, including money.


The guests should sign, in advance, the rules of conduct / work appointments which Captijn Insight applies . Upon request we will send you the code of conduct.


In case of discounts or acquisition activities only one reduction voucher per participant per work retreat program within the stipulated validity period can be handled / will be deducted on the "fixed base remuneration" part.


Staying with Captijn Insight

The total costs are based, on the stay at the location of Captijn Insight in Thailand as mentioned in the brochure. Within the accommodation expenses only the services and facilities provided of the program are listed. Whenever 'Excl' is mentioned, this part of the program will not be included in the costs.


4 Years ago I participated in the wonderful program 'Freedom' retreat in Thailand. I am happy it helped me to make a big transition in my life.


Klaas T. The Netherlands





Costs of Flights

Please note that your flight ticket is not included in the work program. We advise you to check several sites to compare flight tickets. Possibly that Skyscanner can help you to find a good rate.


Your guidance has helped me re-shape my path.

Nick G. Singapore





Condition / fitness

Participants of a retreat should have a good physical health and fitness. If you are not sure a work program is suitable for you, please contact us and / or consult your physician. In case you are taking medication and / or being treated by a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or medical specialist, we ask you to put this in our intake interview, to inform us.



It is your own responsibility to book your flight ticket.

Captijn Insight and / or the host are not responsible for any flight delays or cancellations of your flight.

It is your own responsibility possessing the required documents, such as a valid passport, travel documents (including tickets), insurance etc. It is your own responsibility to have or get a fully-covered travel and cancellation insurance and/or vaccinations.


The secrets of a rich life…? With your connection and approach you helped us to discover our real purpose. Believe it or not our children and friends feel our change.

Carol & Richard F. USA.





Cancellation by Captijn Insight

Only significant circumstances giving the organizer the right to cancel the stay (significant= circumstances which might affect the quality and / or performance of the stay).

In case of cancellation by Captijn Insight already fully or partially paid subsistence costs will be reimbursed, within 10 days after notification. We will pay no compensation for the costs of your booked ticket. Captijn Insight and / or the host is willing, if so desired (in case of cancellation), to mediate for an alternative stay near Captijn Insight location.


General Terms and Conditions
The general terms and conditions for Captijn In-Sight B.V. (Dutch) are subject to Dutch law.