Captijn Insight intake

Potential guests can request to take part in writing via the contact form on this site or via e-mail to


Once potential participants have reported themselves for participation, before placing can be made, there will first be a personal intake (usually with the host). During the interview you may include any specific personal remarks (for example a request for vegetarian food, dietary requirements, reporting allergies or otherwise). There can also be indicated if there are any personal objections with possible activities in the program (whether or not physical).


It is wise to properly prepare the program/retreat. Therefore there will be made agreements in advance. In most cases, the writing of an autobiography is requested. This is the basis for further exploration during the work program.


The guest will only be finally placed after completing and signing our application form, endorsing the Captijn Insight conduct, depositing the first asked payment for the program and, if asked for, the (confidential) submitting of his or her autobiography.


Of course it is free to every guest, interim and within existing possibilities, to ask for adjustment of the program. After all there is benefit for everyone, both individually and as a group, to get the best possible results out in the program. Broad discussions do not take place about this.


Just before or right after the closing dinner, participants will be asked to fill in an evaluation form. This is for improvement of the program.