Tantra programs in Thailand

Tantra workshops in Thailand

Every single person is desiring and has a hunger for deeper intimacy in life and better connections in all kind of friendships and relationships.


We have been taught to be ashamed of the most natural thing to us in relation to deep connecting. We are always stuck in our head and not in your body. That’s why we cannot totally be present in connections with others. Shame is the number one thing keeping us from our evolution to growing into our deepest and best self.


Tantra helps you to connect on a mind, body and spirit level. Tantra ignites and offers the ability to the soul to experience the human body through touch, taste and smell and all of your senses. It’s all about awakening through your senses. Discovering the jewels of aliveness. Offering yourself a base for more enjoyment and pleasure in your daily life.


Encounter a worshop from programmed thinking to a kaleidoscope of new manifestations of intuitively feeling.


In consultation every first friday of the months February, May, August (Summer Course) and November available.

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