Find your mission and purpose in life

Get a LIFE (again). LIVE your mission!

Discover your talents, gifts, (life)mission and purpose


Do you feel that life has more to offer than you are currently experiencing? Then working with The Game of Gifts™, as part of coaching sessions, probably is something for you. With The Game of Gifts™- Plus, we offer a highly customized package in Thailand: You make the experience a unique expedition into an inviting, temporary, and different comfort zone. The nice ‘side issue’ is that if you work with this approach you immediately earn back some of your travel costs to Asia.


Captijn Insight provides you with The Game of Gifts™- Plus Package,  the opportunity to combine a relaxing holiday in Thailand with the discovery of your inner treasure: A highly rich (latent) energy treasure that will help you to flow and grow again, making steps onward and upward in your life and work.


The mission the Dutch Association of Talent Coaches gave to The Game of Gifts:

"The mission of The Game of Gifts is to help, in this transition period of accelerating awareness, as many people to take their authentic place and so find their inspiration and purpose and service. The Game of Gifts is a means to raise awareness of the often-unconscious blueprint of the soul so that everyone can organize his/her life to it and be happy. It’s expected that people who thus live their mission, are an inspiration to others. "


The Game of Gifts™- Plus Package is, in consultation with you, a specialized, customized program. We work, as a base with The Game of Gifts™ and combine it with specifically tailored coaching. More: We also help you discover added value in your program with Buddhist culture, nature, relaxation and meditation either by field trips through our local countryside or inside our very inviting wellness area.


The Game of Gifts™ can help you make the right choices in your life, your career and your change of course. Discover your twelve main talents (through examining your unique talent-DNA) and how you can use those talents to live your life how it is intended to be.


When you do things you do not like doing just to earn money, you are not contributing to yourself, your wellbeing, or your environment in the most optimal way. Instead, you just continue to do things you do not like doing … over and over.


Join us and…

- find your mastery within

- start fulfilling your mission in life

- start living and working (again) from passion and joy

- bring balance to your life

- learn to break disturbing patterns and take charge of your life.


Isn't it time to take life seriously and discover all the different possibilities that will enable you to live it to its fullest?


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