Summer Courses Thailand 2017

6 Captijn Insight 2017 Summer Courses / Workshops in Thailand.

10% Early bird discount offer on all our Summer Courses (see specific brochures for details).

  • The different Meditation and Mindfulness Summer holiday in Thailand
  • Bootcamp Mastery Summer Special 2017 for young potentials & young professionals
  • Two 11 days Summer Courses; "Bring your life in flow"
  • Tantra journey Summer course of senses and energy
  • Summer Course Mindful Photography

Two 11 days Summer courses; "Bring your life in flow".

This year again two possibilities:

Course A: Friday July 21st up and till Monday July 31st 2017. (Download our brochure here)

Course B: Monday August 14th up and till Thursday August 24th 2017. (Download our brochure here)


Have the guts to choose for a total different summer holiday in 2017? Experience an enriching 11 days ‘Villa-Asia Summer Course’ in Chiang Mai province, Thailand.


Each of us has the potential to do magnificent things. The problem is we spend most of our lives trying to control how we act, what we do and what other people think of us. All those attempts to control keep us from the amazing potential inside.


Flow is the opposite of control. Flow is the art of letting things happen. You don’t control your way to achieving flow, it happens when you stop controlling and start encouraging. A different body language energy. Effecting not only yourself but also your environment in a positive way.


“You don’t control your magnificent side,

you let it flow”


Time-out to recharge and to explore how to get (more) flow in your life as a mindful ‘expedition’.

An exclusive creative, playful, active and insightful summer course.


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8-days Tantra journey Summer Course Thailand


August 4th up and till August 11th 2017

Encounter the jewels of aliveness.

An intensive 8-days 'clothes-on' workshop of deep nurturing yourself.


Every single person is desiring and has a hunger for deeper intimacy in life and better connections in all kind of friendships and relationships.


We have been taught to be ashamed of the most natural thing to us in relation to deep connecting. We are always stuck in our head and not in your body. That’s why we cannot totally be present in connections with others. Shame is the number one thing keeping us from our evolution to growing into our deepest and best self.


Tantra helps you to connect on a mind, body and spirit level. Tantra ignites and offers the ability to the soul to experience the human body through touch, taste and smell and all of your senses. It’s all about awakening through your senses. Discovering the jewels of aliveness. Offering youself a base for more enjoyment and pleasure in your daily life.


Encounter a Summer Course from programmed thinking to a kaleidoscope of new manifestations of intuitively feeling.

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8 days Summer Course Mindful Photography Thailand 2016

Mindful photography / mindful shooting.

The visualization of awareness. An unique way to give a voice to the seemingly simple or ordinary.


Discover a new way of observation. No special or expensive camera needed.

Captijn Insight offers you in the period of 28th August up and till September 4th 2017 a unique opportunity to work in an 8-day Summer Course for further deepening and practicing 'looking deeply'.


If you develop your possibilities to "see" and perceive, you open yourself increasingly to the natural inspiration and the visual abundance of your surroundings. You see and connect with the deeper understanding and feelings of yourself.


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The different Meditation and Mindfulness Summer holiday in Thailand (9days)

Combine your summer holiday in Thailand with a unique experience of meditation, relaxation and deepening / insight in yourself. Not 'just' another meditation retreat but a life changing experience full of explanation and in-sight.


Learn the art of stopping to connect with yourself again. Do not search for solutions on the outside but find them within.

Stop, relax, discover and recharge. Take energetic and authentic further steps on the way called life path.


We offer this stunning program from July 4th up and till July 12th 2016.


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