Programs in cooperation

Programs in cooperation:

In mutual understanding the next programs can be organized


Cooperation with Arianne de Zwart:

Arianne de Zwart & Captijn Insight have two programs ('A personal journey full of discoveries' & 'Freedom in bond') with daily (Chi Neng) Qigong and Yoga exercises at location, (guided) meditations, Buddhist philosophy, search for talents and life-mission, a cooking class, and much more. Personal choices for regular (Thai / Western) food, vegetarian, organic or raw-food.


Cooperation with Authenticiteit in Beeld (Presentation of Authenticity) (Marcel Dassen) (international program):

Exclusive leadership program for CEO’s, Chairmen, Directors, Officials, Politicians and Managers, in Thailand

It is not always lonely at the top! It’s your own choice. We offer you a unique opportunity to enrich yourself. A never ending experience that will keep working. The stage is yours!

A 10-days tailor-made program to grow in natural personal leadership out of authenticity and undiscovered strength. You learn to energetically perform in your role as the figurehead.


Download our brochure "The Stage is yours" here


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