Companion Guide programs

All our Companion Guide programs are custom-tailored to the (life) questions of the participant.

Target groups:

  1. Individual (in relation to life questions / decisions / search for (latent) talents / search for life mission & goal / hold for a while at the crossroads in your life, finding balance again, etc.
  2. Business / trade & industry / governmental: For (top) officials/politicians, directors, CEO’s, managers, team leaders, etc., to have a (confidential) strategic sparring partner for a short while. For better decision-making, re-discover balance private – work, devise strategy, make choices (both in private life and/or in business), etc.


Having a Companion Guide for a while? It's not always lonely (at the top)!


Need some time for yourself in order to catch your breath? Are you in, or just before a situation of a Burnout? Are you at a turning point private and/or business in your life? Would you like to simply get away for a short time?

Maybe it's time to spar (safely) with someone on the same level. If you're looking for more inspiration, insight and direction in your life …, or you want to re-format your personal (holistic health) balance…or just want to work on (new) life-work balance, the Companion Guide program might be exactly what you need at this point.


Companion-Guide: A private one-to one program custom-tailored to you.

This program is for (top) directors and (top) officials / politicians, CEO's, Directors, Managers who are able to grant themselves the time and attention to determine a personal strategy.  You will have the help of an external discreet and secure guide/pilot for sparring and reflection. Having a private companion and guide for a short period of time or having a personal retreat in relation to life-questions is often necessary for moving forward. Rest assured: your Companion-Guide is  not someone who pushes or pulls but someone at your level who "talks and walks with you" in a confidential way during your personal progress. This is your time … your personal quest … and your time to unwind, reflect and move forward on your path


"It's lonely at the top" is sometimes said.

Although you live in an era of communication, your social environment is not always the best environment where you can spar and reflect upon your personal issues, development or the strategic choices that keep you busy. Often you just feel the need of a sympathetic ear or a little undivided attention. Sometimes you might feel the need for  a "buddy" with whom you can share things spontaneously, or someone to spend a few days of your life with.


The host of Captijn Insight offers you this unique Companion Guide opportunity.


One of our guests, after four months, wrote:

"The program was very worthwhile for me. It gave me the insight into another side of my life, and took away so much uncertainty. Perhaps the most important thing for me was talking to you, someone who was able to appreciate from your own experience some of the issues I was facing, and for that I will be eternally grateful." – A.S., Amsterdam

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