Businness Retreats Thailand

Businesslike & Governmental: Politicians, Board of directors, CEO's, management, teams:

Discover purpose, meaning, impact, well-being as real profit.

More and more a 'Purpose economy' is growing. Organizations are not only succesful anymore when they have only high financial profit. More and more the value is about purpose, meaning, impact, well-being, social profit and fulfillment.

Captijn Insight offers several programms. On request we are happy to make a custom-made program for you in Thailand.


Interested in one or more of the mentioned programs? Feel free to ask us the specific brochure(s). Send a request to: captijninsight@gmail.com. We will reply to your request as soon as possible.

  • Work-retreat for (former) politicians / Officials

  • Business with soul engagement
  • Mindfulness for better workperformance (English version brochure under construction)
  • Together strong, Stronger together
  • Meeting each other (English version under construction)
  • Time to recharge
  • Mind Manage Training Thailand workshop
  • Potencies and limitations as Strength
  • Custom made leadership programs
  • Buddy /Companion programs
  • Liberate the leader within (about personal, inner, leaderschip)
  • Dismissal, or have to dismiss? Make the difference in style!
  • The Stage is yours! Exclusive international leadership programm for VIP's.