Life & Talent coaching

Life & Talent Coaching

Get insight. Stop, or at least diminish, suffering. Touch flow.


Dealing with:

  • Big changes / transitions in work/career, relationships, living?

  • How to get a life much more (again) than it had been?

  • Leaving stress, burnout, keep your (holistic) balance?

  • How to get rid of ‘the shit’ (how to let go) and deal with fear?

  • Exploring your full potential and destiny to be who you are?

  • Grow happier and live with greater vitality, creativity and fulfillment.

  • How to live your dream instead of running after goals?


Have the desire to discover the inner wisdom of a different/better way?

Take the first step becoming more joyful and spontaneous, growing more energetic and creative with each passing day. Get unsuspected insights and explore your (maybe so far unknown) specific way(s) to creative and authentic sustainable solutions.


Find a life- / talent coach in your own country and living environment.


Want to discover your talents, gifts and (direction of) your life purpose / mission? 

Feel free to ask me for a certified talent coach of the Dutch Associacion of Talent coaching.