Privacy statement

Privacy statement

[Last modified on April 14, 2018.]


Starting May 25th 2018 by European law new privacy regulations are in use. That’s why Captijn Insight made this Privacy Statement.


1. Terms and Conditions Website


This is the website of "Captijn Insight". *

* For the contact details click here.


This website has been compiled with care. By gaining access to this website, the material presented and the information given, you as a user declare that you have taken note of the following and understand and agree to this and to bind to it.


On this website, Mr. F.J.G.M. Captijn (owner and manager) shares his personal backgrounds, opinions and general information based on personal knowledge, experience and insights.

As a user, you cannot derive any rights from the information on this website and you are responsible for choices you make as a result of the information given and the use of the material.


The content of the website can be changed or deleted without prior permission or announcement.



Everyone is and remains personally responsible for what he / she does do with or following information on this website and as a result of consultations, talks, presentations, group meetings, etc., with or from Dhr. F.J.G.M. Captijn - all this in the broadest sense of the word.


2. Privacy statement

"Privacy and reliability are essential conditions for serving others."

Captijn Insight respects the privacy of all who use its website and what is offered on it; all personal information you provide to her will be treated carefully and confidentially.


Captijn Insight processes and manages data from those with whom it maintains contact in accordance with the General Data Processing Regulation.

Personal details - such as name, (email) address and phone number - are used to maintain contact. The relevant data is kept for an indefinite period and will not be passed on to third parties, let alone sold to them.


Mr. F.J.G.M. Captijn (owner / manager of the website) is responsible for processing this data - if you want to view, correct or remove (your) data, you can contact him.

Note: the aim is to respond within 4 working days or as soon as reasonably possible.



By using this website, you confirm to accept the privacy policy described.

Captijn Insight is not responsible for the privacy policy and the websites and sources of third parties.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please contact us. You also always have the right to complain to the Dutch/European Data Protection Authority.


Trusting this has given sufficient information.




Captijn Insight,

F.J.G.M. Captijn