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May we be the catalyst in your process of transition or change?

Not 'just a question'. We kindly invite you - want to be available and serve you - to make use of our continuing growing expertise in dealing with (life) questions about ways to go in personal / organizational life, personal development & growth, strengthening relationship(s) and organization change. To temporary sail your waters - team up - with Captijn Insight brings you valuable and so far undiscovered clarity, insight and understanding, creative sustainable solutions and heightens your well-being, purpose and intuition.


We do not offer advice and do not learn tricks.

As a Catalyst, Host and/or Talenteer we are available to support you finding your own sustainable solutions or answers within.

Our mission is to be there for individuals, couples, teams and organizations in their process of transition or change causing flow and/or flourishing again out of insight and in an authentic durable way. 

We practice the art of stopping for a while. Time to look deeply into the situation, question, change process. To explore together inner latent creative and powerful possibilities. Using these insights to generate solutions that really contribute. Letting go of things that no longer serve. Lighter, freer, more engaged and with much more pleasure following your (life)path again.


A unique and fully engaged approach and environment

The uniqueness of Captijn Insight is:

  1. Her approach. We believe you already have the inner wisdom to transform out of inner strength. You only are not yet aware. We offer you the opportunity, using Western and Eastern principles and approximations, to discover this latent inner wisdom and to connect with the insights you get. Using them you can flow and flourish again in a natural and sustainable way. No external advises. Make your change in a fully engaged and natural way out of yourself, your relation, your team or your organization.
  2. Her natural and energy-rich wellness environment (For a short introductory movie about the vicinity of our Captijn Insight / Villa-Asia location click here.). A temporary different comfort zone that invites you to discover inestimable valuable things for the future of yourself, your relationship and/or for your organization. However, this does not ´just´ happen...
  3. The combination of this two with our exceptional hospitality which supports to discover these treasures.

The Captijn Insight hospitality

Captijn Insight is a very special, inviting and colorful kind of ´Inn of discoveries´ in Northern Thailand.

Captijn Insight of course offers hospitality, shelter and the joy of a comfortable bed.

Captijn Insight creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere in which you feel at home and where you dare to discover yourself deeper.

Captijn Insight is for you the catalyst who makes visible, touchable and workable those things that are already available in yourself/your organization to transform in a natural and lasting way.


The characteristics of the Captijn Insight hospitality are;

  • Respectfully and without judgment listening to her guests.
  • Offering the experience of the value and power of dialogue instead of debate.
  • Bringing inspiration on earth.
  • To accompany guests and to help them cross barriers.
  • Uncovering hidden energies and talents.
  • Stimulating the other’s / the organizations inner miracles.
  • Creating unity from diversity.
  • Letting diversity fully grow.
  • Alchemy. Valuable harmonization of opposite components.
  • Exploring the strength of different angles of incidence.
  • Finding movement and resilience in your balance.
  • Connecting the subconscious with the conscious.
  • Urging the fire to reform wherever rigidity occurs.
  • Initiating growing, sharing, transferring and connecting.
  • Playing the creative game of letting go and to innovate.
  • Serving to arise new ideas and to find fertile breeding ground.
  • Seeking for inner wisdom and knowledge to get insight.
  • Helping to lay solid foundations for yourself, your relationship, or the organization.
  • To be and to feel.
  • Using a holistic approach and keeping an eye the welfare of the larger whole.
  • Helping you to discover the way to your goal in life or the mission of the organization (again).


From Villa-Asia to Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight started in 2010 as Villa-Asia. The main theme at that moment was search for personal or organizational mastery. Still this is a red wire in most of our programs. Inside yourself or in your organization much more knowledge, wisdom and quality is available. Most of the times you are not even aware. During our experiences working with guests we discovered there was much more valuable to find. It has all to do with finding things within. With tranquillity and insight. Mastery now is only a part.


Living and working in an international environment helped us to make the decision to change our name May 1st 2016 - but keep our high quality, inspiration and enthusiasm - in Captijn Insight.  " Villa-Asia" now is the name of our Townhouse and workspace in Thailand so the connection, visible and invisible, is still there.Captijn Insight just offers more...


About the change of logo

"The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, the entrance of the inside where all your answers are available but sometimes still unknown."

Information and background about possible Captijn Insight program participation

Until now we have had visitors from: Africa, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech republic, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Great-Britain, Hong Kong, Israel, Libya, Nepal, New-Zealand, Russia, Shanghai, Spain, Sultanate of Oman, Switzerland, Tadzhikistan, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), The United States of America and Vietnam.


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