Background for employers

From skills to talent management, passion and purpose.

To invest in passion, business engagement, talents and (life) purpose requires increased sustainability, higher quality, progress and durable connections in business. Working on these so-called 'soft-skills' can be much 'harder' and more valuable skils than you may think.


An organization runs on the “human capital” of its employees.

The terminology HRM (Human Resource Management) actually is outdated. People are not 'resources'. They are more than machines, money and business assets. The management of an organization should, instead, aim for a "People support team" and a "People analytics team." In consultation they can explore how to develop the talents of an organization's personnel in the best way: An investment process that improves the capabilities of the organization, delivering increased profits at the same time.


Many organizations (HRM departments) worked on defining and developing skills in functions. Due to various factors, we see now that sometimes four generations in organizations must work in concert to deliver the best results for the company. When the potential of the employees and the entire organization is captured and harnessed, both people and organizations flourish exponentially.


The time to stimulate the development of talent, passion and purpose is now!


If you as an employer want to make optimal use of employees in an organization it is necessary, on one hand, to know in which “phase of life” (pioneer, growth, consolidation or perhaps relapse) and where the destination of your organization is in its development: Understand fully the reason for the organization's existence.

Concurrently, it is also important, to understand the stage of life and destination of each individual employee: Understand fully their personal reason for existence. Explore if your human and organizational existence and developments keeping pace: Knowing, being aware and understanding the 'underwater profiles' of both employees and organization.

When these two match, an organization will effortlessly and almost automatically receive a hundred-fold "payoff" on the original investment of time and money.


The Captijn Insight programs, in a playful and inspiring way, initiate the discovery of the hidden and increased value of your employees and your organization.


We work  closely with you to help release buried creative potential and guide you and your organization to additional growth possibilities you may not have previously imagined.