Approach Captijn Insight

Development of tranquility and of insight.

We, at Captijn Insight are all about developing tranquility and insight. Similar to a deep well, inner wisdom bubbles up and (personal) mastery arrives at the surface, revealing creative and authentic latent solutions as well as new perspectives. These discoveries help incite release, create space and offer a new and sustainable flow.


How do we work?

We focus on you, gaining insight, discovering, researching, reflecting and challenging, with assignments, exercises and other creative methods. As a base we employ dialogue instead of debate. Peace, tranquility, relaxation, as well as supportive hospitality pave the way for deeper personal or group wisdom and discovery., Sharing of experiences and mirroring do the rest. You and the other participants are figurative "living mirrors." You sail – possibly for the first time – guided by your inner compass.


A very broad spectrum of related specific and creative exercises and methods (whether or not in the present nature), work and personal exploration assignments, conversations, philosophical texts for reflection, meditation, light body work, using your senses on a conscious way, mindfulness, and silence exercises are offered in relation to your question or goal. Use may also be made of music, song and dance to recognize feeling and intuition and to use to develop or deepen. You will discover your own wise teacher and coach within yourself.


Often we work based on your autobiography. You can reflect on that biography and explore or go more into depth about specific themes. You will be able to understand your unique identity further and recognize patterns, which may have colored your (professional) life up until now. From this special insight you'll be able to redefine your basic attitude with respect to your current personal and/or professional life and find the path for answers to your questions of today and in the future.


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Mindful communication

We expect and respect an open mind and approach from all our participants. Debate and convincing argument is not needed for a while. During these days it’s all about you (where you can be free and can and should totally be “you”)!

We use mindful communication during all programs. It offers;

  • Dialogue
  • Listening with respect
  • Choosing to understand rather than persuade
  • Welcome differences
  • Allowing creativity and other perspectives
  • Honesty and depth
  • Enthusiasm and passion
  • Visibility in what is going on inside you
  • Resilience
  • Rest


Work method

Captijn Insight works out of a holistic approach and performance. During the program we use several work methods. Worldly-wise and sometimes even spiritual. Our programs are for people who feel the need to stand still and to “breathe” again in our ever-faster and increasingly complex world.


Captijn Insight offers playful and creative approaches from many angles and areas for discovering, experiencing and creative insights: A unique blend of activities in which YOU are the center.


You work individually or - depending on the program - in pairs or in the group as a whole.  We often make use of the surrounding nature (flora & fauna) and (Buddhist) culture.


Principle for all our programs and courses is that you have a good physical and mental health and a reasonable condition.


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Team Captijn Insight